Planning Ahead.

With square foot gardening, a good plan is very important. I want to plant things that when placed close together will grow better, stronger and tastier. This is called companion planting; certain plants repel certain pests, or attract pollinating insects, and so, help the neighboring plants in growing large and healthy. Also, plants that grow long and bushy help shade light sensitive plants that need partial shade, and so on.

arranging the seeds in their squares

Throughout the summer, I was buying seeds I either come across in different stores in Almashatel, or some I ordered through

Seeds from Almashatel nurseries

I am now in the stage of assigning my plants to their correct seasons and growing temperatures, while giving each plant a good position and spacing in the square foot raised beds.
All that’s left is to start the seeds indoors to get a head start on the season, as soon, the temperatures will slowly start to drop below 40 degrees celsius .

How will you arrange your plants?


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10 thoughts on “Planning Ahead.

  1. amazing blog :** I love it! well done and keep up the good work 😉

  2. is a great website for organic vegetables and flowers, and for heirloom verities. happy farming

  3. Great idea ! looking forward for more posts 😉

  4. Really inspiring stuff ! Its really an amazing project you have undertaken, wish u the best !

  5. i seriously have a lack of knowledge about gardening, seeds and vegetables but it seems very interesting! looking forward to see the results 😀
    great blog btw, one of its kind

  6. Thank you so much Noon!
    You’ll be surprised how quickly you can learn! 🙂
    And inshalla keep visiting for guides and updates on my growing season.

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