It’s time to sow seeds.

Why start seeds indoors and not directly out? Well, I’m planning to plant warm weather crops like tomatoes, buttnernut squash, zucchinis, okra, watermelons, basil and many others. And I want to have as long of a season as I can get. The temperatures will start to really decrease in to the lower 30s throughout October and the upper 20’s to mid 20s in November.

Seedlings to be

What you will need:

– An intrigued cat.

– Organic seed starting mix, I am using Espoma Organic Seed Starter Premium Potting mix found in True Value.  I really prefer the brand Espoma to Scott’s Miracle gro as it has a strictly organic range.

It's very important to label each box

– Peat Pots from ACE hardware, these peat pots are good because I can simply plant the seedlings directly in my future soil and the pots will dissolve and break down. In contrast, using plastic pots for seedlings will cause the tender roots to get irritated during transplantation.

– Seeds.

– Water

– Light and warmth source, placing the seedlings next to a window is not enough. What am I using to light the seeds into life? This is called Aerogarden; available in Kuwait, and I’ll feature soon in the blog. As for extra warmth, placing a plastic cover on the pots to raise humidity is a good idea.

I’m pretty sure Rocca seeds will sprout the fastest. Start your seeds today and share your experience! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “It’s time to sow seeds.

  1. Shatha Albabtain on said:

    ya36eech el3afya can i do this outside in a shaded place or is it too hot for that?

    • Allah y3afeech! I’m not sure If they will get enough light if in the shade. Any lights will work if you decide indoors. If you try some outdoors, do it in a place that’s not completely shaded but partially.

  2. Shatha Albabtain on said:

    thanks for the info 🙂 will try indoor and out door inshallah

  3. I love what you’re doing Masha’Alah! Please contact me .. .. we want you to be part of the Kuwaiti (Kuwait Million Acts of Green) Campaign!

  4. Mohamemd on said:

    i have been searching for Aerogarden for months from where i can but it from kuwait

    • It’s available in a shop called Green Touch Hydroponics. They are going to have their grand opening soon. I will write a post on how the aerogarden works and how to reach them in the meantime.

  5. ENG.AMNA on said:

    for indoor gardening just for herbs as beginning do you recommend that i only use the seed mix! or should i do my own compost?

    • Hello,
      Compost alone isn’t enough as a soil mix. Compost is a soil amendment and fertilizer. What you can do is start exactly like me with the peat pots and epsoma starting mix then transfer the plants when they are several weeks old to a container or in the ground, there you can have potting soil plus compost. The starting mix is not suitable for growing plants after into their adult stages as it is very high in peat moss and designed for the young seedling stage only.
      I will be making my own potting mix which will be 1/3compost 1/3peatmoss 1/3vermiculite I will be mixing it when my seedlings are ready to go outside

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