Learning from Youtube

These are some gardening youtube channels that I view regularly and would like to share with you:

Grow Your Greens

– I can’t get enough of his videos, his square foot garden is so inspiring! he grows so much in such little space! Watch the video above to see how his ‘yard’ compares to his neighbors’.


Ray has the most entertaining and educational gardening channel on YouTube, I’ve been watching his videos for years, and they’ve made me learn that you should always remind yourself that gardening should be easy and fun, because a lot of people try to overcomplicate it and get too scientific and take the fun and relaxation right out of it. His straightforward videos are really what encouraged me to compost. I don’t know if I would be gardening today, if it weren’t for Ray’s videos.

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4 thoughts on “Learning from Youtube

  1. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    Thank you for sharing these videos, Alzainah! They are very informative. We’re working on our boxes now. We have space for 3 4×4 boxes. I’m excited about the prospects!

    • That’s great! Are you building them yourself? 3 4x4s will give you 48 squares to fill, you can grow so much, so plan your seeds ahead. 🙂
      Are your boxes going to have bottoms?

  2. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    Yes, we are putting bottoms and short legs as they will be on the roof. We’re having them made out of aluminum to be long lasting. I hoping to start our seeds soon. I have a few but need to get more and the other starter supplies. Which place do you think is best to get the seeds?

  3. Salaam,

    Mashallah wallah wonderful job, I recommend you visit this website, it has a great concept that might help people who live in cozy spaces:


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