Sweet potatoes

Here is the slip growing method I am following

This method is an excellent activity to have with children. It teaches them:

  1. The parts of a plant – roots, stem, and leaves
  2. That plants can grow from unlikely sources such as potatoes
  3. That plants need water, sun and eventually dirt to grow
  4. That plants need time to grow
  5. You may even get your child interested in eating sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, beta carotene and thiamine.

    what you will need

What  you will need:
– Sweet potatoes
– Toothpicks

Follow these steps:
-Get some nice/large sweet potatoes from your grocery store, I got ones that I’ve tried before so that I know what flavor to expect. These are for 100 Fils each.
-Poke several toothpicks to keep the sweet potato tubers in place, suspended in the jars
-Fill the jars with water, so that the bottom halves of the sweet potatoes are submerged.
-Place the jars in a warm, sunny spot, sweet potatoes prefer warmth since they’re tropical plants. Change the water occasionally.
-Remove the slips, and plant them in a well composted spot with plenty of space between each plant.


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4 thoughts on “Sweet potatoes

  1. Just found this blog in abdulla79’s blog, wow , where this blog came from “p ! very pro, but i wish it was in Arabic 😦 , my lil brother want to make use of it but sadly he couldn’t .

    • Hello Abdulrahman, thank you for your comment! I’m thinking about writing short Arabic instructions in Arabic, if your brother has any questions in the meantime, I am here to answer them 🙂

  2. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    Hi Alzainah, Our boxes for the roof are ready to fill with the dirt mixture and I’m wondering if you have found vermiculite here. Thanks!

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