Mel’s Mix In my Square Foot Raised Bed

The weather is slowly getting cooler, and my plants are very hungry for rich soil, so I have to get my square foot raised beds ready, And tonight I filled one.
In this post I will demonstrate how to create Mel’s Mix on a large scale, this is exactly like the mix in the previous post, only larger. Again, you can apply this same formula for your containers and pots.

Here are my steps:

Make sure you wear a breathing mask while doing this: 
-Lay the ingredients on a plastic tarp, 1/3 by volume each. And mix by raising the two ends of the tarp, or by using a shovel. This method ensures easy cleanup.
-Toss the mix into your raised bed or container. I added Rock Dust, which I will write about soon.

For my raised bed, I placed a layer of plastic, laid a some bricks under the bed for better drainage and easier cleanup,
 and then I added a thin layer of sand in the bottom of the bed, before adding Mel’s Mix. The grey stuff in soil is the Rock Dust (Found in TrueValue).

There’s no excuse for having poor soil,  All ingredients can be gathered by one trip to Al rai: Peatmoss, Rock Dust, and Vermiculite from True Value, and Organic Compost from Almashatel.


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