Garden Update

A lot has happened in the garden since the last post;
-All the raised beds are filled with Mel’s Mix.
-I installed trellises to help climbing plants grow vertically.
-I planted some of the plants started indoors back in September.
-I covered the 4×4 beds with a sun screen to protect them from the still very damaging noon sun.

I have so many spaces left to grow, Im planting new things every day,
Here’s what’s growing so far:

Rosemary from AlShaheen Nurseries in Almashatel
This is used so much in the kitchen, I have to grow it.

Opal Basil

Purple Opal Basil
This very pretty herb is as tasty as sweet basil, and adds interesting color to your garden.

Genovese Basil
This plant absolutely loves full sun, if you are growing one thing this year, please grow genovese basil!
Im going to grow so much, because it does so well here and is very rewarding.

This is a heat loving plant, Im excited to see if it will like the declining temperatures coming our way.

you can see the older leaves suffered from the heat and sun damage. The yellowing on the edges of the leaves is an indicator of heat stress.
With generous watering everyday, especially before noon time, and with the shading from the sun screen, the plant was able to grow past the damage, and is now producing healthy new leaves.
I placed Zucchinis on the edges of the beds because they grow to be very large and overflow their squares.

Sweet Potatoes
The plant will soon have sprawling vines, and so I will construct a small trellis for them to climb, maybe not a big one like the other boxes. Im thinking of using some of my old bamboo sticks, as I have many laying around.

I planted two of my tomato plants in the tomato potting up post. The one on the left is Gardener’s Delight, and the other is Brandywine. I’m going to plant basil and chives around my tomatoes as companion plants.

French Marigold & Sunflower
Marigolds are a good companion plant with almost all plants, and sunflowers will look so pretty on the edge of the bed, both attracting beneficial insects to pollinate my fruiting plants.

Corn can help trailing plants as a support.

Sugar Baby Watermelon
This plant needs some space and a generous watering. As you can see it needs a trellis and will climb on its own. This grows very very fast.

Butternut squash
This plant also suffered from heat stress at the beginning of its move outdoors. The new growth is nice and green and Its growing very nicely along the netting.

Aside from me pushing the stem gently in and out of the netting, the plant is sending these amazing spirals that find the net on their own and coil around it, creating very secure knots.

I cant wait to fill the remaining squares! remember, this is all applicable to containers, so there’s no excuse to not growing vegetables at home.


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16 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Wow!! 3ajeeeeeeeeb baakhith minich for dayoum when they grow!


  2. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    Your garden looks wonderful, Alzainah! How many zucchini plants did you plant? Our boxes are ready to fill…just need to find the time!

    • Thanks Jeanie! I planted 4 Zucchinis, 2 on each corner.
      I kept 2 spare ones. Might grow them in some 5 gallon containers later.

      Can’t wait to see your garden! 🙂

  3. ElRosemarey naaar shaklaaaa mashalaaaa good job :*

  4. WOW Zainah mashalla 3aleech .. Great Job!! :**
    shawwagteny aby lessons!!

  5. Shatha Albabtain on said:

    ya36eech el3afya great job 🙂

  6. Just stumbled on your blog. This is SO exciting 😀

  7. Everything looks great mashala, ur doing a great job!

  8. Cute photos you have there. By the way, how many days do you have to let the seedlings stay on their little pots before you transfer them on the bed? Or do you do such technique?

    • Thank you! I transfer them when they look strong enough, or if they’re on their way to getting their third set of leaves. It really depends on the weather, I kept the watermelons and squashes in their root bound pots for too long because it was too hot outside, I don’t follow a certain rule.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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