My Planting Process

1- Moisten the soil
2- Mix in a handful of Mineral Rock Dust into each square.
3- Pop the seedling out by squeezing the pot to slowly slide it out.
4- Flip the plant over, removing it from the pot.
5- Gently massage the bottom roots so the plant wont be root bound.
6- Apply Rootgrow granules to the planting hole and on the visible roots on the seedling.
7- Place the plant in the deep hole, and snip off any branches that will be covered in soil.
8- Gently cover the plant, slowly pressing down and creating a saucer-like shape around it for the water to gather in.
9-Water generously
10-Watch it grow

In this case this is a tomato plant, tomatoes like to be buried as deep as possible, because the tiny hairs on the stems turn into roots when coming in contact with soil, making it a stronger plant.
If I had a deeper box, I would’ve buried it until the top branches, or maybe next time I can plant the seedling sideways.

What is Mineral Rock Dust?
Minplus is 100% Natural, Multi-Mineral, Rock Dust.
Minplus instantly replenishes soil with minerals and nutrients found in volcanic rock.

This is a video explaining the role of rock dust in the growing of better vegetables:

I get my rock dust from True Value. You can learn more about Rock Dust here.


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2 thoughts on “My Planting Process

  1. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    Thanks for all the great information, AlZainah! I bought my first rock dust from True Value. It was over 5 KD for 5 kg and then I found 20 kg bags at one of the nurseries for 8 KD per bag! That’s a big savings!

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