Planting Sweet Potato Slips

Remember the sweet potato post back in September 4? Well, a month later, the slips are ready to be removed from the jars and planted in their beds.
First you start by choosing a slip that has plenty of leaves, and a nice root system, snap it off gently by twisting, and pulling it away with its roots intact.

I sprinkle Rootgrow Mycorrihzal Fungi in the planting hole, and on the roots.

Create a long trench for the stem and root, remember to place the leaves side somewhere where you can control the future vines and leaves, Im creating a small trellis for them to climb for example, so I place them towards that.
Cover the stem and roots with soil, and water. 

That’s all there is to planting sweet potatoes!

What is Mycorrhizal fungi?

I ordered mine from here: 


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