Garden Update Photo Tour

Butternut squash female flowers

baby watermelon

first sunflower

Tomato grown sideways

Here’s a tomato trick, I’ve grown this tomato plant on its side, its original root ball is right next to the basil plant in the same square. The trick is to lay the entire plant on its side, and only let the leaves and branches out, this way all the buried hairs on the stem will develop into roots, giving the plant an extra strong support.

baby spinach and swiss chard

Raised Bed Tour:

Tomato and carrot bed on the top, and sweet potato bed on the bottom

Lemon grass in the middle


corn in the middle and zucchini on the corners


my herb bed



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6 thoughts on “Garden Update Photo Tour

  1. Well done, Al Zainah. Very informative.

  2. You inspire me waAllah!
    Keep it up!

  3. Nice raise bed you have. But I do think the space is not enough for the tomato plant. It needs about two feet in between plants for full grown tomato plants.

    • thanks!
      I am following the Square Foot Gardening book by Mel Barthalemew and he did state that tomatoes need a square each. Thanks fot the very constructive criticism I will be sure to plant them further apart next time.

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