Super Rocca

Today I was out gardening when I noticed this fast-growing rocca was starting to cover and shade its neighboring plants. I quickly decided to prune away the large, shading leaves. I ended up with enough to make a rocca salad. All of the leaves above are from only 3 rocca plants.

This rocca can NOT be compared with the grocery store rocca; Its darker, larger and thicker! I’m so impressed!

Rocca grows extremely fast, if its your first time gardening, you cant go wrong with rocca!

This was growing with rock dust minerals, I feed it every two weeks alternating between Espoma organic blood meal and Espoma organic garden tone the next two weeks. (All found in TrueValue)
Very high quality results from so little effort.


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5 thoughts on “Super Rocca

  1. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    That looks like it made a beautiful salad, Alzainah! Why do you need to feed it every two weeks?

  2. dont forget to harvest them in the morning or else they will taste acidic. bon apetit

  3. Looking good!

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