Container Garden

You can grow anything in containers, its the soil quality that will determine the strength of the plants. I found that the plants in my small containers are doing better than those in my big boxes, this is because I put my own homemade compost in them.

Beet root

Here is a closer look :

Beautiful beet root ready for harvesting


Mustard and Lettuce

Parsley and Mustard


Basil and Chard

You can mix and match your favorite leafy greens and herbs, you can forget about the spacing rules like I have here, because we have a short winter, I won’t wait for the plants to reach their full size to harvest, instead I will harvest individual leaves. This has been working really well. The plants don’t mind being crammed in a small space.


This vigorously growing tomato plant was grown from cutting, meaning I inserted a pruned stem from another plant into the container, and watered it until it developed its own root system. Its growing exceptionally well, I didn’t even get to stake it yet, and its sprawling on the wall and on the ground.
Seeing my container plants’ progress and success in my homemade compost encourages me to make as much as I can for my future plantings.

My soil components are again 1/3 homemade compost + 1/3 peat moss + 1/3 perlite

You can place the containers anywhere that’s in full sun, and enjoy the fresh vegetables all season!


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One thought on “Container Garden

  1. Shatha Albabtain on said:

    mashallah u did a great job 🙂

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