Behind the holes

It was only yesterday, I was admiring my colorful Swiss chard.




It’s pretty obvious, I wasn’t the only one enjoying the colorful leaves.


Ive got Cabbage loopers, which are small caterpillars with big appetites. They can be one of the most destructive pests in the vegetable garden. The bugs love plants in the cabbage family, including cabbage and kale. This insect will also attack potato, tomato, spinach, and cucumbers.

They leave behind nice gifts for me to hose of the leaves too. I used my regular Espoma insecticidal soap to spray on the underside of leaves. And every cabbage looper I found I hand picked and disposed of the compost bin. Not a fun process.

Did cabbage loopers eat holes through your garden?


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One thought on “Behind the holes

  1. om Yousef on said:

    they like my basil plants so much they are hard to find because of their comoflaged geen
    i had to picked them by hand and gives them for my laying hens as a treat : )

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