Gardening In Kuwait’s Harvests

It has been a great vegetable gardening season for me, I’ve grown some things I’ve never grown before, I’ve had some disappointing failures, and surprising successes. And so have the members from the Facebook Group Gardening in Kuwait
This is a group with a small gardening community where members, including myself. Help each other learn more about growing vegetables and ornamental plants. It is a valuable place to learn from people’s experiences and ideas.

Here are some of their inspiring vegetable harvests since october:

These people have been enjoying their fresh produce with little effort, and so can you..


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2 thoughts on “Gardening In Kuwait’s Harvests

  1. I really feel very happy for your success. The vegetable that you have grown looks great. hope you continue the same. Don’t get disappointed by some failures. Failures are the stepping stones for success. Find a better way to achieve success.

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