Composting Potential

I see so much compost materials in the streets at this time, these petunia remains would make an excellent source of compost..



I really hope for these landscaping wastes to be recycled on a large scale by the government. It would cut fertilizer costs and reduce watering expenses by having compost serve as a mulch.
What do you think?


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10 thoughts on “Composting Potential

  1. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    It would indeed be a great idea. Maybe they do compost them when they pull them up because they do collect all the trimmings from the hedges and take them somewhere.

  2. I just started my garden oregano, parsley, watermelon, summer squash, chamomille, sage, spinach and a few other things. Some things have sprouted already and the rest I’m still waiting. This weekend I’ll start making my own compost but since it will take a while where can I buy compost in Kuwait while I wait for my own to be ready.

  3. Moe h on said:

    I own and run a landscaping company that does major areas in kuwait. I would be interested in knowing about composting opportunities here and ways to utilize the trimmings of the trees in the streets.

    • Hello,
      Apart from personal composting, I don’t know of any official composting company, don’t let that stop you from composting on your own!

      A set up as simple as galvanized chicken wire wound up in a cylinder shape can hold and compost your landscaping trimmings and wastes.

  4. Nafool Al-Awadhi on said:

    Hi there,
    I live near Doha and GOD the compost opportunities are endless. Especially with the greenery near the beach.
    I keep telling my daughter while we drive by that is all black gold potential hun :).

    • You’re right! I think you have better gardening centers and overall gardening culture in Doha, am I right? I’m hoping for things to change here, and for people to look at gardening as something further than just how their front yard looks.

  5. om Yousef on said:

    الصدفه الحلوه عرفتني عليج وانبهرت ان في وحده كويتيه صغيره عندها هالاهتمامات الزراعيه الرائعه وبخصوص الكومبوستنغ اعتقد ان هيئة الزراعة لازم تهتم باعادة تدوير هالكنز الي منتشر في شوارع الكويت بتخصيص ركن من اركان كل الحدائق العامه للكومبوستغ وجلب آلات فرم الاغصان المقلمه وسعف النخيل بالشوارع وتطحنها لتسهيل عمليه الكمبوستنغ واعتقد من الافضل التعاون مع شركات متخصصه انا احس لازم نسوي شي

    • مشكورة حبيبتي.. انا وقفت اكتب في المدونة و انتقلت إلى انستغرام على هذا الحساب @itallgrows
      بالنسبة الكومبوست اتمنى هالشي يصير لان فعلا فرص كثيرة ضايعة علينا.. و نقدر نغذي و نغير بعض من تربة الديرة لكن منو يسمع.. انشالله مع الوقت يكون في توعية و اهتمام

  6. om Yousef on said:

    I have to show you my huge brick compost pin ( :

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