Black Gold



My compost has finally matured and stopped cooking, I’m only a few weeks away from using it in the garden.. (my plants will love this)


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8 thoughts on “Black Gold

  1. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    Looks great, Alzainah!

    • Thank you Jeanie! How is your garden prep going?

      • Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

        Hi Alzainah, I’m sad to say that I haven’t gotten started yet. I’m trying to finish a big project for work by tomorrow evening so I can get started this weekend. My compost has been “cooking” all summer and I have lots of new seeds, so all I need is the time. I wish it wasn’t soooo humid outside!

      • It’s okay Jeanie,
        The tiny warm season coming up is too short anyway, so if I were you I’d focus on starting cool weather plants and prepping and amending my soil. In any case do start your warm loving plants, but for those famous for it like watermelons, I think it’s too late.
        What are you planning on starting?

  2. Wish you all the best of luck Alzainah and hope that your plant will really love this

    • Thank you!
      And I’m sure your plants will grow wonderfully in your rich compost! Very proud of your compost results, looking forward to your bountiful harvests. 🙂

  3. Hello AlZainah,,

    Can I start composting now?

    I’ve been following you since your very first post, and I have to say Im so very proud of you wallah :*

    I wanted to do it last summer but I admit, to me it looked like hard work and I’m a bit lazy *shamefully covering face with both hands*

    I depend on a company that comes twice a week to take care of my little garden, but the plants always seem to lack lustre 😦

    Anywayyyy,, I’m excited to try it this time but i was traveling and just came back to Kuwait.

    InshaAllah I will follow through and gety great result, that is if it’s ok for me to start now.

    Wow, that was a looong comment :/


    • Hello Hiba,

      You can compost any time of the year, compost only gets better with time so start it and forget about it.
      Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate the support.
      It doesn’t have to be hard work! You can start small in containers, which is quite simple. Start with easy plants like basil or arugula.

      Inshalla soon you’d be able to give your plants an extra kick with your healthy compost.
      Start your plantings indoors now if you can, to give them a head start. You can also start them outdoors whenever the weather becomes bearable, probably by the end of September.

      Don’t worry about it you have from now until early June. That’s a lot of time. Grow easy plants, read and learn about them online, to get an idea. And you’ll be fine.

      I love long comments, thank you.

      Good luck!

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