Starting Stuff..





Late summer starts, the season’s almost here!


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6 thoughts on “Starting Stuff..

  1. Mashallah looks good Allah ywafgech

  2. Hi,

    What veggies and herbs i can plant directly into the soil avoiding potting.thanks

    • Hi,
      This is called direct sow or direct seed, most plants can be direct seeded, except for tomatoes which need to be constantly buried deeper to thrive.

      The reason gardeners start plants in pots indoors is to get a head start and extend the season. Most plants need around 60 days to start producing, so if you start indoors you get more production through out the season and you don’t have to wait for the plant to mature. This is especially important if you have a short season.

      Good growing,

  3. salaam,

    good work, love the chillis, someone left a link on our website .

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