It’s still hot


I’m keeping my seedlings in for now. It’s still too hot outside for anything to be in full sun. It is however, a good time to amend your soil with rich compost, the good microbes in compost need some time to give life to your soil, so expect the results a couple of weeks after application, right in time for those hungry young seedlings.


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4 thoughts on “It’s still hot

  1. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    Well I’m kind of glad it is because I haven’t had time to do anything yet!! Too much other work to tend to, but hopefully very soon. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

    • Thank you for following Jeanie!
      It’s okay, just amend your soil with whatever good stuff you can get, turning your soil to get oxygen in, and keep it slightly moist to get the microbes going. Just like compost, feed them, give them water and air.

  2. Than you Alzainah for this post, as I was really thinking of transplanting some of my seedlings on Friday, just as a test of the weather.
    What is the right temperature that we can start work in?

    • You’re welcome Ahmed,
      Sure you can do that to test, it’s still barely under 40 degrees, so ill wait.
      Make sure you harden of your seedlings first, which means gradually accustom them to the outdoors, for example an hour in the morning, then you take them back in, then longer the next day, keep doing this until there is no chance of shock. Small steps until they’re in full sun at noon (I’m still not recommending that, yet)

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