Its hardening off time!

The growing season is here! And this means its time to get those seedlings planted outside, but before you do that, make sure you harden them off..
Your seedlings have been pampered indoors for weeks. They need to be introduced slowly to the elements of wind and intense sun.

Initially, you will put plants outdoors only for short periods of time, perhaps for a couple of hours. You’ll want to set them in a semi-shaded area. Gradually, you will increase the time plants are kept outdoors; you also will gradually increase their exposure to sun. after about a week, these plants will be ready for the outdoor life


As part of acclimating the plants to the outdoors, you also will cut back on watering. This will allow plants to toughen and will prepare them for being transplanted.

If you still havent prepared your soil, now is the best time; work some compost and mineral rock dust in your soil, turning it and preparing it for those hungry seedlings.


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