I’ve hit composting jackpot!
Look what I found in my compost, Earthworms!

These red wigglers create very nutrient rich compost which plants love!

Gardeners all over the world buy these worms and their castings to use on their plants, so finding these in my compost naturally makes me a very happy gardener! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Jackpot!

  1. wow really cool!!

  2. Jeanie AlFuhaid on said:

    That’s really great, Alzainah! But where did they come from?

    • I have no idea!
      They must’ve been attracted to the organic matter in my compost, try it! Dig around your compost, especially where dead leaves are piled and moist.

  3. Wow …
    It is really great when you find something you always wanted but thought it was too hard to get. This proves that Kuwait soil is full of good things.
    Wish you best of luck Alzainah.

  4. Nafool Al-Awadhi on said:

    Wow mashallah mabroook!!
    This means your doing a great job.

  5. Love it! Here in the US our season is winding down and we are making the fall preparations. Now all winter I will watch your gardening adventures!

  6. om Yousef on said:

    ماشاء الله عندج كنز حافظي عليه
    يمكن هذا النوع يكون محلي او اتى مع شتلات المشتراه من المشاتل وانتعش بحديقتكم لوجود الرطوبه
    فحظج زين لو يطلع من الاصناف الهجين الي اصلها افريقي
    من سنين ودي احصل على هالصنف
    واتمنى يوم اشوف مزارع تربي هذا النوع محلي وتتبيعه للمهتمين بالزراعه العضويه
    واذا تعرفين احد ارجوك دليني
    وبالتوفيق بنتي

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