A reader’s SFG experience

One of my very special readers Ahmed Alkandari who also blogs himself is starting his own square foot garden in his home.
He is following the Mel Barthalomew method, and has been seeing its Kuwaiti results through my experience.
This is truly the best feedback I can get; that I’ve proven to you that it does all grow in Kuwait, and inspired you enough to try it for your self.

Lets take a look at Ahmed’s work,

He created a plan for his raised beds. A plan is very important to help you stay organised and prepared.

He started his seeds indoors under fluorescent lights, weeks before the planting season.

He constructed his beds, and got his soil ingredients.
Ahmed is using his homemade compost which is very impressive, his plants will thank him.

He created Mel’s Mix which is a third of compost,perlite, and peat moss.

After mixing, he filled his beds.

He even constructed protective chicken wire covers, to protect against birds.

Next he planted out his beds with the seedlings.

Everything looks amazing, I am personally very proud of Ahmed, who is now inspiring me. Excellent, clean work. I am looking forward to seeing his happy garden grow.


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One thought on “A reader’s SFG experience

  1. Dear Alzainah,
    I must really thank you for this effort for publishing my SFG experience and am honored to have a space on your blogspot.
    I have made a lot of use of the information you provided us with, in addition to that obtained from Mel’s book on SFG.
    May God bless you my friend.

    Bo Faisal

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