Compost Surprises

Look at what homemade compost does!
Finding these giant sprouts in my unfinished compost pile growing this large overnight is shockingly amazing! I’ve never had sprouts this large. This goes to show you how important it is to make your own compost, sprouts will never grow as fast and large as these in store bought compost.


Take a look at the stem and leaves! These cotyledons are huge! This plant is not in its true leaf stage and it is strong.


I found several of these sprouts in the pile, they’re probably butternut squash or maybe watermelon, it will show soon.


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4 thoughts on “Compost Surprises

  1. Joanna Samson on said:

    Hi! I am a gardener in Dubai and am so impressed with the quality of your garden! Wish I had enough space to compost in my little apartment! I have a question about my seedlings that I hope you can answer. I find some true leaves on the seedlings are turning brown on the edges and curling…is this because of over or under watering? or too much sun? Please help me!!

    • Hi Joanna,
      Thank you for your kind words!
      Having your seedlings die is such a frustrating thing.
      Most seedling problems come from overwatering. Try bottom watering to avoid all fungal problems like damping off.
      I hope your seedlings made it.

  2. hi Alzainah
    i saw you made a compost from fruits vegetables…. but the compost here doesnt look like the results of fruits like watermelon.

    • Hello Melek,
      Wet and hot weather is not a problem for compost, in fact, hot weather makes faster compost. You just have to make sure the compost is moist and not soaking wet.
      Fruits like watermelon make their way into the compost but in the end will not look like they used to. That is the point, when initial compost ingredients start to disappear and become unrecognisable, the compost is finished.

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