What’s Growing?

The cool season is finally here, and here’s whats growing in my square foot raised bed garden..

You can go through these photos for a garden tour:


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5 thoughts on “What’s Growing?

  1. It sure is looking good, Alzainah!

  2. Very nice and impressive.
    I noticed that your raised beds are a bit high and not as your previous ones where the height was may be only 20 cm. Any reason?

    • You’ve got a good eye mashallah!
      I added 3 4x4ft raised beds to my garden this year, and they are all on legs. My reason would be to prevent back pain from kneeling down.

  3. Mashallah. Very Nice. 🙂 الله يزيد ويبارك
    I am also growing Roma Tomatoes and Thyme as well. I’ve been growing vegetables and herbs for the past three years but this year, I don’t know what happened, half of my plants had died :-/ So I am again re-started the whole process again.
    If you like Cherry Tomatoes, try Maskotka.. they are really yummy sour little things..and I don’t even like Tomatoes :p

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