20 Days Later


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4 thoughts on “20 Days Later

  1. Fattboa on said:

    Those are excellent results 🙂 Hope they taste as good as they look, especially the dill (I adore it) and thyme.
    You may remember me talking about a planted aquarium a couple of months ago. Well, the plants took over the aquarium. Two of the anacharis (Egeria densa) have reached over 1.5 metres. Also had some baby guppies. Overall it seems to be a success and I would love to transfer it to the terrestrial flora some day.
    Weren’t you going to do some sort of workshop?
    Hope you inspire even more people to appreciate nature.

    • Fattboa,
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I love growing dill too, I like running my hands over it because it feels somewhat like fur when its bunched together. Yes I do remember! Thats great! Im glad you found success in your aquarium planting!
      I am currently not working on a workshop but selling raised beds as you can see in my later posts. The beds make it easy for beginners to get into the world of gardening.
      Thank you so much, I appreciate the support 🙂

  2. I am really proud to see a young Kuwaiti girl so interested and so successful in organic gardening. Not only that but also spreading her knowledge and experience, free of charge to all who are interested.
    May God bless you Alzainah and hope that you find success in all what you are doing.

    • Thank you so much Ahmad for your support, I really appreciate it!
      I only created my blog to be a source for beginners in Kuwait, because it was very difficult for me to learn gardening online when there was almost nothing about how it worked in Kuwait. I want readers to understand that it is very possible and even easy.
      Thanks again

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